17 Jun

For all my menopausal beautiful woman. This is for you.

You are amazing, you are beautiful and you can do anything. Woman support woman. We have your back xoxo



From her tippy toes to the top of her head

Warmth rising

Flushing her cheeks

To a glorious rosy red


Giddiness, joy, elation

Her head did spin

Was it the champagne

Or daily life intoxication


A beautiful memory

A face looking at her

Feeling nostalgic

oh dear how young we were


Her life of spectacular moments

Tells story upon her beautiful face

Softness, fine lines

Charming, full of grace


Youth lays behind

Only in time

Keep dreaming of that life

Passion keeps you in prime


A turning point

A time of transition

A time in life

A new definition


From light to dark

She will shine inside

It’s grey, Imperfect

Move effortlessly through to the other side


Wisdom and experience

As she enters a new phase

Elegance, truth and love

She will continue to navigate life’s maze


Welcome to middle age a time of transition. It doesn’t have to be a time of darkness. Stay in the light 💋💋💋



Pilates exercises using the sliders. Working on your core

08 Oct

Do you want to improve your core? Have your tried pilates?

Basic pilates exercises enhanced using sliders

These pilates exercises in the plank position are enhanced by using the sliders. They create further instability, forcing you to use more muscles to stabilise. There is many exercises you can do with this fabulous tool. Would you like to learn more? Come along to a class and Janette Bendle Pilates in Mornington. We run 3 group classes a week, but our speciality is designer groups. You tell me what you want or need and what your short and  long term goals are and we will work together to achieve that. Call Janette on 0418923029


Work on your core fitness using the UGI exercise BALL

07 Sep


Have your tried the UGI exercise Ball

A challenging workout using the UGI exercise Ball

This amazing Ugi exercise ball. This squishy weighted ball is a cross between the fit ball and the medicine ball, it will improve your core stability, your strength, cardio and balance. 30 exercises and 30 minutes a day is all you need. It comes in 3 different sizes and colors. Purple is 6lb, pink is 8lb and the turquoise is 10lb. Do  not be fooled by the weights or compare to the weights of your dumbells.  This workout tool will incorporate muscles you didn’t know you had. It is an all over body workout.

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Do this workout. All you need is your Ball and a timer. Download the UGI Fitness timer  or your own

This workout will target your core. It is cardio & strengthening. Do one set or if you want a challenge I dare you to try 5 sets.


Beginners 20 secs each exercise, Intermediate 45 secs and Advanced 50- 60 seconds

Repeat 3 – 5 times through.


Core Stability using pilates, strength and HIIT

03 Sep


Pilates is just one of your Ab Toning Tools


Dont Hold Back Your Six Pack


You’ve seen the ads all over the internet: lose belly fat ! get a six pack if you do this exercise! Well, guess what? Those ads are only helping spread a myth. There is NO way to get rid of fat in one area of your body. The only way to get rid of fat, and get great abs, is to lose weight all over, and tone the muscles in that entire core area. Okay now we have that sorted, lets move on.

Before you think about hitting the floor and doing an ab crunch, WHAT ARE YOU PUTTING IN YOUR MOUTH? Forget about your fast food, lose the soft drinks, chocolate, ice cream, biscuits, cakes, this list does go on. Empty calories.

Eat smarter.

Fill up on healthy nutritious food. Prepare your meals at home. How many pieces of fruit do you eat a day, even more important, how many serves of vegetables do you eat a day?

Don’t think that by cutting calories to the extreme you’ll lose  belly and sculpt your abs

To build lean muscle, you’ll need protein, and carbs.

Don’t starve yourself, or you’ll end up the flabbiest skinny chick on the block, or worse.

Don’t’ even skip breakfast!

Don’t skip any meal

Do the switch. Trade white (not so nutritious) bread for nutrient dense fibre filled yummy wholemeal, multigrain, spelt, oat, quinoa, chia seed bread. There are so many yummy varieties

Drink apple cider vinegar to help with digestion

Herbal teas

and last but not least…. Portion control

Now the exercises

For the record, doing 100 crunches a day will not give you a flat stomach.

Exercise smarter
A flat toned stomach comes  from doing a range of different exercises that target the core in different ways to help the body melt fat.  I do a combination of strength sessions and HIIT (high intensity interval training, this is my favorite) sessions. This works my whole body, core, cardiovascular and meets my resistance/strength requirements.

Strength training
Incorporating strength training into your exercise routine is definitely a key ingredient for achieving a toned tummy. Lifting weights helps the body build muscle; the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism will be and the more fat you burn.

Having a flat tummy also comes down to reducing your body fat percentage. HIIT  has been shown to be one of the most effective methods for shredding fat. A HIIT circuit is very simple. You take a handful of exercises and then perform each at high intensity, while keeping the rest between exercises to a minimum. The best thing about HIIT is that you can include exercises that target any body part you want. In my small group trainings and more advanced classes i like to incorporate  HIIT circuits that involve core, cardiovascular and resistance training in the one workout. By getting your heart rate up, you speed up your metabolism and help the body burn fat more effectively.

I can help you with a program today. A combination of pilates, strength, HIIT training can help you meet you core stability needs and goals, in addition you will be toning up the rest of your body too. In this video I am showing just one of the many fitness tools at JBP ( Janette Bendle Pilates) . You can call Janette on 0418923029