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Scenar Therapy and Pilates Studio Mornington

Let Janette Bendle’s highly experienced Pilates instructors help you or (your team) to de-stress, stretch and strengthen with Pilates, Yoga, Functional fitness and Pain relief at our studio or at your office.

Our focus is on making our pilates & yoga classes fun and functional for you. We offer 12 group classes per week, one to one (private tuition) or small group.

Your mind also needs a chance to recover from the stresses of life. Experience our meditation with Laya. 30 years of experience. Be mindful of your mindfulness in our studio with lovely Laya.

Corporate & Workplace Pilates is a great way for your company to offer health programs to attract and reward loyal employees. (references available)

We sit with you to design a program to suit your needs. You and your team will improve their core strength and flexibility whilst getting a good whole body work out.

Our tailored classes can help prevent back pain, neck and shoulder tension and improve your overall postural alignment. Lessons learned during our Pilates classes can be incorporated in their day-to-day life resulting in improved posture and a general feeling of well being.

if you are a sports club looking for an edge on your opponents book in a once a month session for your club or we can offer a package to your members or players to visit our studio on a regular basis.  Come to our premises or we can come to yours.

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Yoga teacher training and various exciting workshops are also on offer at our studio


Contact Janette Bendle Pilates today on 0418 923 029