Rosebud Taekwondo Club


HI welcome to my studio.

The boys arrived, some with their girlfriends. Come in, yes this should be easy. I am chuckling silently inside.

I suggest some equipment for them, loop bands, sliders, straps, weights. Okay, girls, you grab between 1kg and 2.5kg. Boys, 3.5 kg to max 5 or 6kg. What? We are guys. Yes and? We lift heavier than that.

Yes, I understand, but, trust me. We start stretching, using straps and blocks from yoga. Moans and groans. The class has not yet begun. I feel a little gleeful. I do love the feeling I get when men enter my studio thinking, “this is pilates, girls do it” or isn’t this for injured people. Yes, girls do, do it, yes, I help rehabilitate people but guess what boys do it too, footy players do it, and they feel every muscle.

Loops next, around the ankles, I see the looks, what this going to do. Let’s start with side steps, skaters, hamstring presses. Where are you feeling it? Glutes ruined, burning with fatigue. I allow a rest. Just a little one.

Loops around the wrists. Shoulders and the core are next on the agenda. The moans are getting louder.

I feel that split second of glee again, Is that wrong? Possibly.  The club manager, head coach, head honcho, Chris asked me to concentrate solely on core, hips, glutes. Your wish is my command, Chris. My specialty. Well, its all my specialty to be honest. Give me a challenge and I will rise to it and take you with me. That I did, that I did.

Back to glutes, buttocks, bums, yes, yes, yes okay now, grab your sliders. they lunge, they slide into burpees, the do mountain climbers, plank jacks, they collapse. Oh no, he comes that moment of glee welling up again. Stop it, don’t smile, don’t smile Janette. I think I smiled.

Hover, plank, okay let’s do some bridges, they seem harmless. Laughing out loud, they all laugh with me, oh sorry that is a moan.

Stretch it out guys, its over, they all loved it. Can I have a timetable, how much do you charge, can I join in some of your sessions. I succeeded. I love my job. I get results. I challenge, I get people doing what they THINK they cannot do. I succeeded. See you next week guys.

So all you sports clubs out there, rise to the challenge. Call me.