Bringing out my creative side

Bringing out my creative side
26 Apr

The creative side of my brain is working overtime at the moment. I am enjoying the challenges that online classes is bringing me.
I find myself at 3am, conjuring up new exercises, designing new routines, mentally trialling new movements.

Making the most of home props. Who would have known what I could do with a wall and two tins of organic baked beans, our chairs, steps, coffee tables even (husbands and wives) dogs and kids haha 

I found myself at 9:30 pm last night doing a wall series.. yes that is where I used my cans of organic baked beans. Postural work against the wall, extended into legwork, then some core, ending up a 25 minute routine for you, that I have loaded up on to the online website. 

Do not say I don’t spoil you 🤪

There is so much we can use to enhance our stay at home/isolation workouts and make them amazing. 

I love coming up with new twists on our regular exercises to incorporate more muscle activation, deeper muscle connection, we are using our flexibility, we are moving better improving our mobility and I can’t wait to try out a few more tonight. 

So what do I bring to the table next session? I bring you yet another chair routine. Different to what we’ve done before, remember with Janette Bendle Pilates no two classes are ever the same.

See you at the barre oops I mean the chair.

Watch this space for my next innovation ❤️❤️❤️