We have had coronavirus lockdown. Brrrr (I sit here freezing as I chat to you) on top of that we get winter. ( I have forgotten did we actually have summer?)

Our lives changed. Some the impact was huge, less dramatic for others. Did you maintain a healthy lifestyle? There is no judgement here, this is a open for conversation piece.
I, for one, found myself increasingly opting for less than my usual healthy options of food choices. 

Comfort food as we call it, is so damn good. 

Anyone who knows me, or has come to me for healthy lifestyle programs, will tell you, there is definitely a place for it in our lives. 

Do not deprive yourself totally. Deprivation leads to break out, unless you have the willpower of an ant.

However I do recommend, the need for a balance of healthy, healthy but not so healthy, and plain old comfort junk food. 

People never believe it when I admit it, but I am a junk food lover. 

In lockdown I did find myself popping into the cupboard a little bit more. It started off with healthy choices, then tip toeing slowly towards the not so healthy, then moving to picking comfort food over healthy food. 

No! Stop right there, well that is what my body is saying to me right now anyway. 

I do listen to my body and it tells me when I’m doing too much damage. Have you learnt to listen to your body? I’m definitely well in tune with my body and I know when My body is lacking or missing something. 

I start to feel tired, a tad lousy, then touch of a sore throat, followed by the onset of lack of motivation. 

Ding ding ding, It’s time to re-introduce my beautiful salads, my colourful vegetable dishes, my soups.

Hello lunch, does this not look beautiful? A mix of roasted vegetables, a home-made beetroot salad, with a blend of green, there is basil, spinach, rocket and beet leaves. My dressing, olive oil and lemon. I feel healthier already. Look out everyone coming tonight to my 6 pm class, I’m on fire. 

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