Empowering Women

One of the best things woman can do to empower themselves is to take control of your health. 

Eat Nourishing Foods, 

Move with Intention, 

Recharge Your Energy, and 

Empower Your Mind

By doing this you give yourself the gifts of care, strength, and resilience, and you take a powerful step toward the life you want.

Janette helping women take back their lives and their waistlines

Janette Bendle with over 20 years experience in the health and wellness industry has a goal of helping and supporting woman as they transition through the changes of mid life, menopause and hormone imbalances. We are here for you!

Let me share my menopausal journey.

In 2015 I started experiencing peri menopausal symptoms. I went to the doctor to be told I was in the normal range. WHY then was i still feeling tired, moody, experiencing chronic sore throats, having sugar cravings.
I went on a mission to heal myself. Through dietary changes, lifestyle changes and reducing my exercise, YES reducing my exercise I got my hormones back to normal and I feel fabulous. I am full of energy, i do not need coffee to start my day and i do not have the 3.30pm slump. My goal is to help all women feel like this and THEY SHOULD.

12 months ago I had a dream after my own experience of helping women stay strong and fabulous, as they moved into middle age and menopause.

Nutrition, lifestyle and exercise advice specific to your stage in life. A program that achieves fantastic results.

Reaching 40, approaching menopause can be an overwhelming time for women, filled with stress and hormone imbalances. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SUFFER with these debilitating hormonal changes.

I run informative and educational workshops for local women experiencing menopausal weight gain and symptoms.
Janette Bendle Womens Health Coach
Helping Women

My goal is to help women 40+ take back their lives and their waistlines. There are so many symptoms associated with menopause. Women at that age have lost what is their “normal”. They get gobbled up in a sea of crazy hormones struggling to come back to the woman they once were. They gain weight, suffer hot flushes, they can be moody, tired all the time, experience ridiculous food cravings. These symptoms may have been around so long, that you now think they are normal. NO

Let us help you through saliva testing find your current hormonal situation,  enhance your hormones with nutrient dense food, specific exercise systems to suit you and your needs (and wants) reduce stress and get your life back. This program is hands on, educational and supportive. You receive weekly booklets, videos, tips and recipes, plus you will meet like minded women.

Join your new tribe at Janette Bendle Hormone Health


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Janette xoxo