Janette Bendle’s Pilates Classes are unique. 

Janette has developed her unique brand of pilates. You will not find it anywhere else.

She will offer you results, a great environment, variety and choices.

The health benefits of  Janette Bendles Pilates classes include: improved flexibility. increased muscle strength and tone, particularly of your abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and buttocks (the ‘core muscles’ of your body) balanced muscular strength on both sides of your both sides of your body.

At JBP no two classes are ever the same. Each class will work different muscles groups. No repetitive exercises. You will never be bored. Great group of people. If you commit to me, I will commit to you, together we will get results.

Janette Bendle Pilates / Core stability

Is unlike any other pilates you will attend, an athletic style of  pilates class, with an emphasis on core strength and stability. Results based, you will improve your strength, balance, core muscles and flexibility. Suitable for beginner and intermediate fitness levels and also pregnancy.

HIIT Pilates

A high-intensity athletic style pilates ideal for the individual looking for a challenge. Catering for the sports person, but Janette’s unique and experienced teaching style, all exercises can be modified for the newer participants. Unique and varied exercises every session that will keep your body challenged. Whilst primarily focussed on core strength, each class will deliver complete body functional fitness.

Pilates & Functional fitness

These exercises train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work or in sports. While using various muscles in the upper and lower body at the same time, functional fitness exercises also emphasize core stability.

At JBP, Janette combines pilates and function training giving you an exciting and highly beneficial class.

HIIT/ interval Pilates

Pilates has so many healthy body benefits, but it’s really not a big calorie burner. So, with this energetic Pilates HIIT Blend, we aim to bring you the heart pounding, fat burning cardio you love, mixed in with various Pilates and Pilates-inspired exercises. Working to a timer, we exercise for a set time, rest and move

Ugi ball  (unique to JB Pilates)

 The Ugi ball is a unique and modern twist on the old school medicine ball. It is weighted, squishy and multifunctional. The squish factor and stylish design is what makes it unique and challenging. It is a functional fitness training tool because it challenges the individual to use entire muscle groups at one time.

The Ugi based classes will give you cardio in short bursts where your alternate between high intensity and active recovery. This type of training has been proven to burn 9 times more body fat.

Barre Pilates

Barre Pilates is a complete body workout fusing ballet barre conditioning and pilates it is designed to tone your entire body, creating longer, leaner muscles.

At Janette Bendle Pilates, the combination of more than one modality creating pilates interval training (raising and lowering the heart rate) means that you get fast results, fat burning is increased and your metabolism is boosted for hours after your workout. The Barre interval on Wednesday 9.30am works your entire body, giving special attention to the lesser used muscles, resulting in a total body toning effect

Circuit Pilates

Pilates specific stations spread around at the studio. You work on each station for approximately 50 seconds and then move along to the next one. It is suitable for all levels. It is fun and gets results.

Equipment Used at our studio

Reformer,  Barre, Fitballs, TRX, Bosu, Chi balls, Pilates balls, UGI balls, Medicine balls, Lightweights (pilates based exercises), Heavyweights (functional training) Magic circles, Rollers, Poles, Flex bands, Ankle weights, Pulley equipment,

The Results

  • Core Strength
  • Stronger abdominal and back muscles
  • Toned arms, sculpted thighs and a lifted derriere
  • Increased strength
  • Improved endurance
  • Better flexibility
  • Improved posture
  • Greater body awareness

benefits of pilates

The classes at Janette Bendle Pilates will not be discovered anywhere else on the peninsula. You will never do the same class twice. The classes are designed to work your muscles differently, constantly shocking the body so it never adapts.

This prevents your muscles from creating habits and always burning the maximum amount of fat every time you workout. The exercises will work your entire body, working deeper and lesser used muscles, resulting in a total body toning effect.

Our classes are fun and they are addictive when you see how quickly it shapes your body.

Doing regular weekly classes at JBP will see your body transform.