Ugi Balls $50 and one week free pilates…

18 Apr

I have an offer for my customers. This is the infamous UGI ball. Best workouts, incorporating cardio, strength, core and balance. I have a library of exercises locked in the vault, (my head)

Here is a teaser and a basic workout that will have you huffing and puffing.

Check it out here

The deal these balls were valued at $150. HOWEVER I am offering to you, this ball

$50 only for the ball PLUS one week free pilates on line with me.

I will be featuring a UGI video on my website every week along with my library of varied workouts. 20 minutes through to 1 hour. Full body workouts, HIIT, FunctionalPilates, my new Add on series which allows you to mix them up, creating the perfect workout for YOU. 

There are beginners through to advanced workouts.

Where do you take up this offer? Call Janette on 0418923029

What else is she doing? Janette is running live zoom workouts 4 times per week.