What does Janette do at the Studio?

17 Jun
She does so much
Apart from being a mother, a daughter, a pilates instructor, a personal trainer, a scenar therapist, a dog rescuer, a dog walker, a writer, a cook, a house cleaner, a friend, a counsellor, an exerciser, yes I find time, I aim for 5-6 times per week.
I listen to my body, do you? if i feel like an easy week of exercise, then that is exactly what I give myself.
I live a busy life, like all woman and I need to practice what I preach. Down time, relaxation, time for me and my family. DO you meditate? You should! Yes I do meditate. I will be honest, I find it hard, but I know I need it.
I am now embarking on a new journey to work with, share and support women as they transition to a new phase of life. I am excited to say the least. I love women and believe we should support each other. Come on girls, join my Take back your life and waistline course and lets be fabulous at 40, 50 and beyond.
Come and join our tribe at the studio.
What exactly do we do at our studio:
Reformer pilates
Mat pilates
Circuit Pilates
Our classes cater for every level and every age.
We even run a sassy seniors (coffee afterwards compulsory)
Group classes, one on one, small groups. Your wish is my command.
Personal Training
Hormone health coaching
Scenar Therapy
Yoga Teacher Training
Janette has been in the wellness industry for over 20 years. She teaches pilates and developed her own style of which is a the perfect blend incorporating the foundations of traditional pilates with functional fitness. She produces results based training.
We offer two promotions at the moment.
First class free
5 classes for $25 to be used within a month
Check out our timetable
Health Hormone Coach
Scenar Therapist


17 Jun

For all my menopausal beautiful woman. This is for you.

You are amazing, you are beautiful and you can do anything. Woman support woman. We have your back xoxo



From her tippy toes to the top of her head

Warmth rising

Flushing her cheeks

To a glorious rosy red


Giddiness, joy, elation

Her head did spin

Was it the champagne

Or daily life intoxication


A beautiful memory

A face looking at her

Feeling nostalgic

oh dear how young we were


Her life of spectacular moments

Tells story upon her beautiful face

Softness, fine lines

Charming, full of grace


Youth lays behind

Only in time

Keep dreaming of that life

Passion keeps you in prime


A turning point

A time of transition

A time in life

A new definition


From light to dark

She will shine inside

It’s grey, Imperfect

Move effortlessly through to the other side


Wisdom and experience

As she enters a new phase

Elegance, truth and love

She will continue to navigate life’s maze


Welcome to middle age a time of transition. It doesn’t have to be a time of darkness. Stay in the light 💋💋💋