We are back in the studio

02 Nov

It is TRUE

we are heading back home

Woooohooo, we are re-opening … take 2… lets hope it is real this time!

Get ready to roll your mats out again on Tuesday 10th November @ 6pm

Can you believe It has been nearly 8 long months. This has been a difficult period for everyone, many of you have been dedicated, vigilant and motivated to attend the zoom classes regularly. Congratulate yourselves. I know a few of you opted for other fitness regimes as well. Running, bike riding, walking, we needed to keep active during this time for our mind, our body and our soul. 

I remain as committed to you, my wonderful and supportive fitness community as you have been to me. I thank you for your patience and loyality.

I hope you will continue to enjoy and attend our classes at the studio, via zoom and online via my website

As per the Government mandate, we will need to make some changes when we reopen. We are limited to 10 people per session; this means a booking in system which it been managed for me today as I type. I will send you the link to join and that is where you will book in for classes,  live or zoom.

Whilst I am so excited to see you again, you also need you to know that my top priority is always the health and safety of everyone. We are taking precautionary steps in accordance to the Government Guidelines to ensure the health and wellbeing of our community when you come to our studio. 

Please keep an eye out for my next email which will have the details to sign up for online booking. This is at no extra charge to you! It keeps it fair for everyone. 

Help I am overstocked

18 Apr
What a pretty color that ball is…

What a day.. Three video recordings for my website. Two using this amazing pretty coloured ball, (do not be fooled) and one 1 hour functional pilates video. I will keep you in shape whilst you are isolated at home. No gyms, no problem, no pilates studio, no problem. My workouts will keep you strong, fit, mobile, flexible and entertained.

Join me on

by signing up on line or if you would like to take up this offer call Janette on 0418923029

Ugi Balls $50 and one week free pilates…

18 Apr

I have an offer for my customers. This is the infamous UGI ball. Best workouts, incorporating cardio, strength, core and balance. I have a library of exercises locked in the vault, (my head)

Here is a teaser and a basic workout that will have you huffing and puffing.

Check it out here

The deal these balls were valued at $150. HOWEVER I am offering to you, this ball

$50 only for the ball PLUS one week free pilates on line with me.

I will be featuring a UGI video on my website every week along with my library of varied workouts. 20 minutes through to 1 hour. Full body workouts, HIIT, FunctionalPilates, my new Add on series which allows you to mix them up, creating the perfect workout for YOU. 

There are beginners through to advanced workouts.

Where do you take up this offer? Call Janette on 0418923029

What else is she doing? Janette is running live zoom workouts 4 times per week.


What does Janette do at the Studio?

17 Jun
She does so much
Apart from being a mother, a daughter, a pilates instructor, a personal trainer, a scenar therapist, a dog rescuer, a dog walker, a writer, a cook, a house cleaner, a friend, a counsellor, an exerciser, yes I find time, I aim for 5-6 times per week.
I listen to my body, do you? if i feel like an easy week of exercise, then that is exactly what I give myself.
I live a busy life, like all woman and I need to practice what I preach. Down time, relaxation, time for me and my family. DO you meditate? You should! Yes I do meditate. I will be honest, I find it hard, but I know I need it.
I am now embarking on a new journey to work with, share and support women as they transition to a new phase of life. I am excited to say the least. I love women and believe we should support each other. Come on girls, join my Take back your life and waistline course and lets be fabulous at 40, 50 and beyond.
Come and join our tribe at the studio.
What exactly do we do at our studio:
Reformer pilates
Mat pilates
Circuit Pilates
Our classes cater for every level and every age.
We even run a sassy seniors (coffee afterwards compulsory)
Group classes, one on one, small groups. Your wish is my command.
Personal Training
Hormone health coaching
Scenar Therapy
Yoga Teacher Training
Janette has been in the wellness industry for over 20 years. She teaches pilates and developed her own style of which is a the perfect blend incorporating the foundations of traditional pilates with functional fitness. She produces results based training.
We offer two promotions at the moment.
First class free
5 classes for $25 to be used within a month
Check out our timetable
Health Hormone Coach
Scenar Therapist

Work on your core fitness using the UGI exercise BALL

07 Sep


Have your tried the UGI exercise Ball

A challenging workout using the UGI exercise Ball

This amazing Ugi exercise ball. This squishy weighted ball is a cross between the fit ball and the medicine ball, it will improve your core stability, your strength, cardio and balance. 30 exercises and 30 minutes a day is all you need. It comes in 3 different sizes and colors. Purple is 6lb, pink is 8lb and the turquoise is 10lb. Do  not be fooled by the weights or compare to the weights of your dumbells.  This workout tool will incorporate muscles you didn’t know you had. It is an all over body workout.

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Do this workout. All you need is your Ball and a timer. Download the UGI Fitness timer  or your own

This workout will target your core. It is cardio & strengthening. Do one set or if you want a challenge I dare you to try 5 sets.


Beginners 20 secs each exercise, Intermediate 45 secs and Advanced 50- 60 seconds

Repeat 3 – 5 times through.